Aging is a natural process. Change the way you feel about yourself.

The natural aging process can change a person’s body in several ways. Shape and definition are lost in the face, resulting in wrinkled, loose skin and other visible signs of aging.

At Knox Aesthetics, we offer multiple anti-aging treatments to restore natural beauty and balance back to your body using a natural approach.

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Aesthetic Services:

Med Spa Services

At Knox Aesthetics, we offer other services to help patients correct imperfections and enhance their overall appearance. Our aesthetic services include but are not limited to waxing, microblading, permanent makeup, PlasmaPen treatments, and lash extensions. Whether you’re interested in one or several other services, you can trust that we will design a customized plan to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup allows patients to save time and money on daily makeup application while enjoying permanent results. Permanent makeup can enhance the features and eliminate the need for the use of certain cosmetic products altogether. It doesn’t wash off but provides a permanent solution for those who want to achieve eye and lip definition or enhance other features. 

Before designing your unique treatment plan, we will meet with you to discuss your preferences and treatment goals so that we can recommend the right permanent makeup solutions.

PlasmaPen Treatments

PlasmaPen treatments have grown in popularity for their ability to treat the signs of aging, tighten the skin, and eliminate skin imperfections through a minimally invasive treatment requiring little downtime. PlasmaPen is a device that generates plasma energy to heat the superficial skin tissue to create a tiny injury that the body responds to by healing the area and increasing natural collagen production.

What It Treats

We can use PlasmaPen to eliminate excess skin, treat skin laxity, smooth lines and wrinkles, and even eliminate skin texture irregularities. PlasmaPen is versatile and can meet the needs of patients looking for skin rejuvenation and is an ideal non-surgical solution to treat aging and other imperfections.

It can restore volume to different areas, including the lips, significantly tighten the skin by forcing the body to increase natural collagen production at the treatment areas, and soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Treatments can also smooth facial folds and add volume to areas that have become hollow due to aging. 

Who It’s Right For

PlasmaPen treatments are safe and FDA-approved to help patients accomplish their aging and cosmetic goals. An initial consultation is the first step in the treatment process as it allows us to identify your primary concerns and determine if PlasmaPen treatments can treat and correct them.


Waxing is a professional hair removal method that can remove unwanted hair from the face and the body. Unlike shaving, which removes hair just below the skin’s surface, and depilatory creams that dissolve hair with a combination of chemicals, waxing removes the hair with its root directly out of the follicle. 

As a result, patients can enjoy results that last for several weeks before scheduling a follow-up waxing appointment. We can design a waxing treatment plan to address one or multiple areas and help you enjoy smooth, hair-free skin long-term. 

What To Expect

Waxing doesn’t require significant downtime. After treatment, the skin may be slightly red, but as it heals, you’ll see an improvement in its appearance and enjoy smoother skin. It’s important that you avoid anything that could irritate the area after your treatment, including certain products and excess sun exposure. After your appointment, we will provide detailed instructions about caring for the waxing treatment area.

Lash Extensions

Lash extensions provide patients with a simple way to enhance their appearance and achieve their ideal eyelashes without requiring significant upkeep. We offer different types of lash extension options to help patients achieve their ideal look. During the treatments, our lash artist will apply a lash extension to each of your eyelashes to improve the fullness, length, and thickness of the lashes. Patients must avoid getting the lashes wet immediately following the treatment to allow the adhesive to set.

Lash extensions have many benefits, as they can open up the eyes and provide a low-maintenance way for patients to look put together from when they wake up to when they go to bed. They are easy to care for and only require regular follow-up fill appointments to replace any shed or damaged lashes over time. Regular treatments allow patients to enjoy their desired lashes long-term. 

Who They’re Right For

Lash extensions are good options for those who want a minimal yet put-together lock that doesn’t require the daily application of mascara or the use of complicated lash extensions to achieve their ideal appearance. It can also enhance the eyes and add volume and length to short or sparse eyelashes.


Microblading is a treatment that delivers semi-permanent results. It’s designed to help patients achieve their ideal eyebrows using a specialized technique that lasts for years. Those interested in microblading can choose the color, shape, and size of their ideal eyebrows, and our eyebrow artist will take care of the rest. 

Whether you need to add definition to your eyebrows, want them to look fuller, or correct imperfections like asymmetry or sparse brows, we can use this unique technique to safely enhance your appearance, improve your confidence, and help you achieve the dream eyebrows you’ve always wanted. 

The Treatment Benefits

Like eyelash extensions, microblading is an investment that saves you time and money long-term. After your treatment, you’ll no longer have to invest in cosmetic eyebrow products or spend time drawing in your eyebrows daily. Your eyebrows won’t wash off at night, but you’ll be able to enjoy picture-perfect and even brows. Results typically last well over two years, and touch-up treatment can extend results even longer.

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Whether you’re interested in one or more of these services or want to learn about our other offerings, we can give you more details and design a unique treatment plan to help you achieve your specific cosmetic goals. To schedule a consultation contact us today!