Benefits of Getting a Hydrafacial

If you’re looking for smooth, glowing skin that looks effortlessly ageless and super healthy, a Hydrafacial might be precisely what can get you there. At Knox Aesthetics, we specialize in these moisture-boosting treatments that can shrink your pores, smooth fine lines, and give you intensely-healthy looking skin in less than an hour.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Hydrafacial?

Since no two people are exactly alike, the results you get from your treatment can be unique to you. Talk to our team about what you can realistically expect and how to best maintain your results in the long run. However, people enjoy some fairly common benefits right after getting this non-invasive, easy treatment.

Roll Back the Clock

Moisturized, healthy skin often looks dewier and younger; this treatment shrinks your pores, smooths out skin texture, and minimizes fine lines. Combining all these things makes it an effective, non-invasive anti-aging option.

Smooth Texture

One of the top reasons why people get this treatment is to improve the overall texture of their skin. Since one of the critical steps is doing an intense but gentle exfoliation treatment, we can unclog your pores and entirely clean your face. The result is a totally smooth, freshly cleaned canvas that looks great in virtually any light.

Super Gentle

If you have specific skin concerns, like rosacea, you might find it challenging to get a proper treatment that doesn’t irritate your skin. Hydrafacials are highly effective but very gentle and won’t inflame your rosacea or sensitive skin.

These treatments involve a multi-step process where any debris is carefully removed from your pores, and then your skin is treated with a combination of nutrient-rich creams and serums to ensure that it’s getting all of the vitamins it needs. This can jump-start your beauty routine and help you look incredible after just one session.

No More Blackheads

Blackheads and acne can pop up at any stage in our lives, putting a serious damper on the day. Fortunately, this treatment is highly effective at removing blackheads by getting rid of dead skin cells that cause clogging in the pores. Your skin will look fresh and satiny smooth.

Hydrafacials are one of the best ways to get rid of blackheads safely. Trying to extract them on your own could lead to scarring, irritate the skin, or even cause more blackheads in the future. Instead, have them gently removed for good with this treatment.

Tight Skin

One of the key things that we tend to lose as we get older is plumpness in the face. This treatment gives us tight, smooth, and firm skin that simply glows. One of the key things people absolutely love about it is that they look natural and effortlessly healthier. You can look younger but still completely like yourself with these treatments.

What the Treatment Entails

You can have this non-invasive, pleasant treatment done on your lunch break and head right back to work with no downtime. Generally, it takes less than an hour, is completely pain-free, and offers outstanding results. Hydrafacials involve a vacuum-like wand that meticulously cleans out your pores, removing any debris and skin cells and leaving your face utterly and completely clean.

There’s a tried-and-true four-step process designed to address every pore on your face, plus give your skin a nutrient boost afterward.


The first step is a deep and careful cleaning to prepare the skin. We’ll take away any external dead skin cells and leave your face completely polished and ready for the rest of the treatment. The other objective of the cleansing step is to remove any additional oils from the skin.


This treatment tends to work so well and be so intensely popular because it’s totally customizable. After we’re done with the cleaning aspect of this treatment, we apply a personalized chemical peel mixture to your face that allows us to get deep into the under layers of your skin for the best cleaning possible.

It’s non-invasive, painless, and prepares us to extract any and all debris from your pores.


Next, we work on the pores themselves, and this is where Hydrafacial’s wand technology comes into play. The wand acts as a tiny vacuum to address every single pore on your face and make sure that it’s completely clean before moving on. This allows us to really dig into the deep cleaning of your face in spots that you wouldn’t be able to get to at home.


The last vital step in the process is the hydration aspect. We address your particular skin needs and put together a mixture of different hydrating serums for a big nutrient boost. The massive benefit of doing the hydration step last is that your skin is already primed to receive as many nutrients and benefits as possible since it just got an intense cleaning.

Suitable Candidates

Since this treatment is exceptionally gentle, virtually everyone can benefit. It’s good for sensitive skin, and you can see the enormous benefits at every age. It’s also totally non-invasive, so it’s easy to fit into busy schedules, and you don’t have to work in any downtime afterward.

No Downtime

Even though you can enjoy excellent results from just one treatment session, there’s no downtime. Most people find that while their skin looks phenomenal after the treatment, it’s not sensitive or red. It’s the ultimate win-win for folks who want a big beauty boost before an event or who just enjoy the convenience of having a painless, quick treatment.

Regular Treatment Plan

These treatments work best if you get them regularly, and the ideal schedule really depends on you and your needs. We’re happy to give you a consultation about the options and develop a plan unique to you. Generally, most people find that getting the treatments monthly seems to work for them, although some could come in as regularly as biweekly.

Since this treatment is non-invasive, painless, and very convenient, it’s easy to fit into your schedule with no problems. You can also talk to us about the possibility of getting a Hydrafacial in tandem with other treatments.

Keeping Your Results for the Long Run

Once your skin is looking fabulous and dewy after this treatment, it’s only natural that you’ll want to prolong the results as long as you can. In addition to getting regular treatments, there are several things you can do to help you look your best.

Skincare Regimen

Sticking with a good skin care regimen is a vital way to keep your skin healthy. Cleaning, exfoliation, and, above all, moisturizing your skin can help it retain its glow and feel amazing in between treatment sessions. Consistency is key. You can also keep your skin hydrated from the inside out by drinking plenty of water.

A healthy diet is another excellent way to protect your skin. Try to incorporate plenty of fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Cut Back on Stress

While it’s impossible to totally eliminate all stress from your life, finding healthy ways to deal with stress is a great way to keep your skin looking good. Try things like yoga and meditation, or reward yourself with self-care like spa visits or long walks.

Sleeping is essential too. There’s a reason why the term “beauty sleep” is a thing. Try to get at least seven to eight hours of sound sleep every night, and wake up at the same time every morning. These healthy habits can have cumulative, positive effects on your skin.

Wear SPF

Shielding your skin from the sun is a great way to ensure that it looks as youthful and flowing as possible. All you need to do is remember to put on strong SPF before you leave the house, avoid sunbathing, and consider wearing a hat or sunglasses to further protect your skin.

These simple and easy steps can help you keep your treatment results for longer and look and feel better overall.

Enjoy Radiant, Hydrated, Camera-Ready Skin Today

The secret to fantastic skin lies in deep cleaning and hydration, which is why Hydrafacials are such a popular treatment for people on the go who want to look and feel their best. If you haven’t jumped on this trend, what are you waiting for? Contact Knox Aesthetics, at 865-801-9501 today for a consultation on all of your options and to book an appointment.

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